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Are you going to Mix 07??



I was curious to find out who is going to Mix 07 next week in Las Vegas. If you're going, add your name to the list, and if you want say what you're interested in learning about and talking about, also what is your favorite color... While you're there maybe we can meetup in the Mix BlogZone.


  1. Dave Winer, Scripting News. Wanting to find out about new work in podcasting & news. Low tech, open source, cross-platform. Looking for help with the Windows version of Frontier (it's GPL'd).
  2. Twitter @ MIX, http://twitter.com/mix07 , (Text JOIN MIX07 to 40404)
  3. Shane Morris, User eXperience Bloke 
  4. Scott Barnes, MossyBlog , http://twitter.com/MossyBlog
  5. Michael Kordahi, Delicate Genius Blog , http://twitter.com/delic8genius
  6. Mark Cohen, http://beingmarkcohen.com/ , http://twitter.com/markc
  7. Nik Cubrilovic, (blog) Omnidrive
  8. Rex Sorgatz, Fimoculous
  9. Facebook Event Site (RSVP is open)
  10. Joshua Allen, MSFT
  11. Joel Ross (RossCode.com)
  12. Jeff Sandquist (JeffSandquist.com) along with Channels 9, 10 and VisitMix.com
  13. Otto R. Radke, http://blog.ottoradke.com, http://twitter.com/ottoradke
  14. Guy Dickinson & Matt Brindley, ThinkFold
  15. Pete LePage, MSFT, http://www.twitter.com/petele http://blogs.msdn.com/petel
  16. Jeremy Cath, MSFT (Offbeatmammal Blog)
  17. Phil Haack (aka Haacked) (http://haacked.com, http://subtextproject.com/)
  18. Walt Ritscher ( http://wpfwonderland.wordpress.com )
  19. Ryan Block, Engadget
  20. Josh Bancroft, Intel Software Network, TinyScreenfuls.com. I'll be shooting HD video, blogging, and Twittering! Hunting for Really Awesome Software and the stories behind it, so if that's you, and you want to be in some Glorious HD Video (TM), track me down at MIX!
  21. Jim Ray
  22. Eric Appel, ericappel.net
  23. Michael Lehman MSFT (MS blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/mglehman new personal blog: www.independentinnovation.net) I'll be doing audio podcast interviews for Channel9. Ping me if you want to be heard!
  24. Christophe Lauer, Web & Windows Live Evangelist, Microsoft France (http://blogs.msdn.com/clauer/ ; http://twitter.com/clauer and http://www.boastr.com)
  25. Pierre Lagarde, Web & Office Evangelist, Microsoft France (http://blogs.developpeur.org/fox)
  26. paul mooney http://dotnetjunkies.com/WebLog/paul/ Want to hear what Ray has to say about Live and how we're going to create it.
  27. Rob Zelt ( http://www.robzelt.com/blog )
  28. Joe Pruitt (http://devcentral.f5.com/weblogs/joe) - fusing applications and the networks that support them.
  29. Frank Shaw (http://glasshouse.waggeneredstrom.com), PR guy.
  30. Jeff Barr (http://www.jeff-barr.com and http://aws.typepad.com), Senior Web Services Evangelist, Amazon.com
  31. Mary Jo Foley (http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft)
  32. Simon Bisson and Mary Branscombe (www.sandm.co.uk) - freelance technology journalists from the UK; has Microsoft got the Web agility juice flowing yet? can Microsoft turn MIX into an industry gathering or will it just be a good place to see more MS demos? will Chris Wilson have to keep apologising?
  33. Bob Walsh, micro-ISV author, developer, blogger, podcaster (http://mymicroisv.com). What new human interface ideas are coming to life and who (micro-ISVs or not) would be good to have on Microsoft Channel 9's The MicroISV Show?
  34. Tim Sneath (http://blogs.msdn.com/tims). I run the Silverlight and WPF evangelism team; more than happy to chat about all the cool announcements we're making around these products at MIX07.
  35. Geoff Alday (www.geoffalday.com/glog). User Experience Designer looking forward to learning more about Silverlight, Designer/Developer collaboration, and interacting with my industry peers.
  36. Scott Kveton, http://janrain.com Looking to connect with folks on spreading the OpenID love, etc.
  37. Yannick Lejeune, http://www.yannicklejeune.com, Director of Internet (Systems & Marketing), IONIS Education Group, Looking forward to Microsoft Expression, Silverlight, next IE and Ray Ozzie.
  38. Jon Udell, http://blog.jonudell.net
  39. Jennifer Ritzinger, MIX07 Team
  40. Tim Aidlin, Design Evangelist http://taidlin.com | http://systim.spaces.live.com I helped design the MIX07 website, advertising, as well as designed some of the apps and visuals used at MIX. Check out the "Flitter Viewer," a WPF mashup that I worked on with Karsten that will be displaying on the big screens. Text JOIN MIX07 to 40404 to have your Twitters show up. Also, be sure to tag your MIX07 photos on Flickr with MIX07, too!
  41. Alan Le, Creative Developer @ Vertigo Software
  42. Angus Logan, http://blogs.msdn.com/angus_logan/, http://twitter.com/anguslogan, SMS +61 415 18 777 8 to catch up for a beer or nerdy chat
  43. Anil Dash, http://www.dashes.com/anil/">http://www.dashes.com/anil/ , http://www.sixapart.com/">http://www.sixapart.com/ I love seeing open source LAMPy web 2.0 folks and diehard .NET Windows guys peer across the room and realize the others are not their enemies
  44. Miguel de Icaza,http://www.mono-project.com (work) http://tirania.org/blog (personal) hoping to see Microsoft open up and embrace an inclusive culture of diversity.
  45. Anand Iyer, MSFT, http://artificialignorance.net
  46. Ryan Stewart (http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com) (http://blogs.zdnet.com/Stewart)
  47. Ryan Trudelle-Schwarz Magenic (Blog)
  48. Ian Muir, Blog , I'm interested to see more about Silverlight and getting BarCampMixer to go off without a hitch
  49. Don Burnett, Developer (http://www.donburnett.com) (http://blog.donburnett.com) and (http://michiganinteractivedesigners.org)
  50. Tom Conrad, CTO @ Pandora and also responsible for MSN Radio
  51. Bert Van Wassenhove, agency guy at ONE Agency blogger (http://www.ibert.be) > looking forward to join a blog dinner)
  52. Peter Hogenkamp, blogwerk.com, personal Blog
  53. Fergus Burns, ceo, nooked
  54. Tom Raftery - Tom Raftery's Social Media
  55. George Papadakis - personal blog
  56. Kevin Moore, MSFT - WPF, http://work.j832.com
  57. Ben McInnis, MSFT - MSN
  58. Andrew Shebanow, Adobe blogger
  59. Jon Galloway - http://weblogs.asp.net/jgalloway
  60. Beth Goza
  61. Andy Britcliffe - Conchango
  62. mike dopp - Lifetime Products Personal -http://mikedopp.com">http://mikedopp.com
  63. Joe Levi - Lifetime Products Personal - http://joelevi.com
  64. Bernard Farrell - Kronos. Personal - http://bernardfarrell.com/blog/blogger.html. More about Web Services and building UIs on these. Beyond the browser future plans for Microsoft.
  65. Tomek PiÄ…tek - Dev Manager @ ProjectX Technology. I'm a Mac guy and we're a Ruby on Rails shop. So why am I at MIX? We have probably one of the largest in the word (in terms of traffic) Ruby on Rails deployments on IIS + FastCGI. The site is Smaps. It's important to us to be able to deploy on IIS. I'm also very interested in Silverlight and the DLR. I think that Microsoft is doing some great things with this technology.
  66. Kris Hoet ('Cross The Breeze) - MSFT Marketing Manager
  67. Laurence Moroney (The Web.NEXT Blog) - MSFT Development Evangelist
  68. Keith May - Manager of Product Development for FarPoint Technologies, Inc., makers of Spread- spreadsheet components for ASP.NET and Win Forms.


(The password is roadtrip.)


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