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Dinner tonight in Las Vegas!!


(password is roadtrip)


6PM DW: I called the restaurant and tried to make a reservation for 20 and they said no way. So we'll all just show up there, and everyone will get to eat with some other geekish folk, but we won't all be seated together. It'll turn out okay, it always does.


Meet at the Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian at 6:30PM. Open to everyone. It's a bloggers event, that's how they work.


  1. Dave Winer, arrived at the Venetian, cell number -- 415-871-7163.
  2. Kris Hoet, Cross the Breeze, Microsoft EMEA Consumer Marketing (entry by Robert Basic)
  3. Robert Basic, basicthinking (german blogger)
  4. Ben McInnis, Microsoft MSN Strategy and Planning Group
  5. Marc Canter - Broadband Mechanics - my cell is 925-876-0475
  6. Tom Raftery - blog: Tom Raftery's Social Media
  7. Fergus Burns - nooked
  8. Tom Conrad - CTO @ Pandora
  9. Fred CAVAZZA (FredCavazza.net)
  10. Peter Hogenkamp, blogwerk.com, hogenkamp.com (all German)
  11. Miel Van Opstal, Micromiel - Enthusiast Evangelist Microsoft
  12. Guy Dickinson, Matt Brindley - we'll be the pair of tired but wide-eyed British chaps...
  13. Walt Ritscher:  I have another dinner at 6:00PM.  I'm not sure what time it's over..  I'll look you up later.  Cell 425-269-5677
  14. Steve Clayton: Geek In Disguise, Microsoft UK blogger (Cell +44 7802 882 622)
  15. James Akrigg: Microsoft UK, CSO (Chief Simplification Officer)
  16. Bert Van Wassenhove, iBert.be - Agency guy & blogger
  17. Michael Lehman, independentinnovation.net and Microsoft MicroISV evangelist
  18. Bob Walsh, clearblogging.com (new book from APress) and MicroISV


DaveW: Marc Canter wants to meet at the Hard Rock Cafe at 8:30PM, I want to eat much earlier at the Venetian, and want a place where we can talk geek stuff. So it looks like we have two parties forming, which of course is coooooooool.


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